Automatic hose reel type ST40/19/2

Automatic hose reels model ST - powder coated on the left - stainless steel on the right Description:
The type ST is a highly robust and well-engineered hose reel with automatic spring return.

The hose reels are by default provided with an aluminium die casting angled swivel. A hose is not included in the shipment, but can be requested.

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Technical Data:

Type ST40/19/2
stainless steel
Product code: V10710022 V10710023 V10710024
Hose length (max): max. 36m (AD 25mm)
Hose: not included but available on request
Nominal width: 19mm (3/4")
Inlet: 3/4" inner thread
Outlet: 3/4" inner thread
Operating pressure: max. 200bars
Temperature: 1-100°C (at extra charge up to 180°C)*
Weight: 26,5kg (unpacked)
Dimensions: see downloads on the left
Suitable substances: water / cleaning supplies / air / oil / grease / etc.*
Angled swivel: WDTH19/Brass B10700036 (AISI304 at extra charge)**
Angled swivel WDTH19/Ms
Swivel WDTH19/Br
Locking screw for clamping of the hose drum
Locking screw
The inflow window can be mounted in three different positions.
Inflow window

* When using chemicals or high temperatures are needed, sealings of Viton must be installed. The item number for additional costs of 3/4" hose reels is M10710012.

** A stainless steel angled swivel with a nominal width of 3/4" (19 mm) is available for additional costs with the item number MP10700035012.