Electro-motor driven hose reel type STKi2Mo

Motor driven hose reel type STKi2Mo20/19 Description:
The type STKi2Mo is a very robust and reliable electric-motor driven hose reel.

The base frame is made from folded sheet steel profiles guaranteeing highest stability.

postbulletsStainless steel AISI 304
(application in wet areas)

Reel bearing:
Maintenance free, chemical resistant plastic slide bearings, resistant to wet conditions and dirt.

Driving and mode of operation:
The driving is effected by a robust geared motor with a manual sliding coupling. Two buttons enable forward and backward operation of the drum. Unwinding the hose is executed either motor-driven or manually after decoupling. A radio control is available upon request, allowing a control of the motor from a distance up to 100 m.

The hose reels can be operated with the following electrical supply:

  • Alternating current 230V / 50Hz, single phase
  • Alternating current 400V / 50Hz, three-phase-current
    (If three-phase AC is available, we recommend using this motor type)
  • Direct current 12V DC
  • Direct current 24V DC

Angled Swivel:
The standard angled swivels are provided with stainless steel axles. Depending on the nominal width, the housing consists of ebonite hard anodized aluminium die casting alloys or chemical nickel plated brass. All types can be supplied in stainless steel AISI 304 upon request.

Pipe bend:
A connecting pipe that is welded with the axle guarantees an easy hose mounting, without bending the hose extremely

Mounting possibilities:
The base can be mounted in two positions without brackets. We do not recommend wall swivel brackets because the reel could deflect while rewinding the hose.

Application areas:
Stationary: in hand craft and industry.
Mobile: mounted onto vehicles, working on construction sites, in community as well as in service sectors.

Suitable substances:
Water, water with chemical cleaning supplies, air, oil and grease. The maximum permitted operating temperature is regularly 100°C. If required, the hose reels can be modified to a temperature of 180°C for an extra charge.

Angled swivel WDTH12/Al
Swivel WDTH12/Al
Operation by button
Operation by button
Coupling for quick unrolling
Quick coupling