Double aggregate oil and gas heated

Double aggregate with safety system Description:
This is the right choice if the heating capacity of a single boiler is not enough and no paneling is necessary.

Construction and content:
Two boiler BR 1000 or BR 1000G build up on a galvanized mounting console. Each burner has got an independent safety and control system which are installed both in one switch box.

The boilers are not piped hydraulically below the console.

Content of the safety system:
Switch box, adjustable thermostat, exhaust gas temperature limiter, flow switch, safety valve, flame monitoring

This offers the following possibilities for the user:
1. Each boiler is provided with water by a seperate pump. This variation should be prefered if there are two cleaning stations which are not used at the same time.
2. Both boilers are supplied by one pump. The inflowing water must be split into two seperate streams and piped (parallelly) to each boiler. The two outflowing hot water streams must be reunited again. This variation should be used if the capacity of one boilers is not enough.

Equipment variants:
All heating coils, outer covers and current variants are available for the boilers, as well as equipment for the operation with biodiesel.

Technical data of double aggregate:

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar
Heating coil: 1/2"
3/8" 3/8"
Water/Filling content: 15,20 Ltr.
8,40 Ltr. 7.40 Ltr.
Weight: 181,0kg 181,0kg 181,0kg
Operating voltage: 230V 50HZ
Power capacity: 160 KW
Operating temperature: max. 95°C
Oil flow (nozzle 1.75): 11,90 - 15,74 kg/h
Consumption of
natural gas (low):
14,00 - 20,00 m³/h
Consumption of
natural gas (high):
10,78 - 14,00 m³/h
Consumption of
butane and propane:

4,00 - 5,40 kg/h

Exhaust gas temperature: max. 180°C
Efficiency: >=91%
Exhaust gas losses: <=9%
Soot value (Bacherach): 0 - 1
Dimensions: 750x600x936 mm

Equipment variants oil:

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar
230V, heating coil steel V10400039
230V, heating coil AISI 304 on request on request on request

Equipment variants gas:

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar
230V, heating coil steel V10440004-2
230V, heating coil AISI 304 on request
on request
on request
Mixer unit with flame monitoring
Flame monitoring
Safety system
Safety system

*Notice when biodiesel is used: All fuel leading parts have to be exchanged for those that are tested and proved for biodiesel. The capacity improves by 3-4 % in comparison to normal oil. We could provide a conversion kit for delivered boilers.