High pressure cleaner TEHA 6000

High pressure cleaner TEHA 6000 Functional characteristics:

1. Pressure production

Cold water of the drain tank is pressurised by a three piston Speck pump.

2. Water heating
The pressurised water is lead by an unloader valve to the boiler, in which it is heated up with oil or gas.

3. Pressure and quantity of water adjustment
Pressure and water are adjusted by an unloader valve. Reducing the pressure, the water flow will be reduced equally, and the unnecessary water is bypassed.

4. Temperature adjustment
The temperature is adjusted by a thermostat. If the required temperature has been reached the boiler stops. If the temperature decreases by approx. 8° C the burner starts again (hysteresis).

5. Safety system
The safety of the machine is guaranteed by the following equipment:
postbullets Excess pressure is released by a safety valve.
postbulletsAn exhaust gas temperature limiter turns off the system if the temperature is too high.
postbullets The flow switch starts the boiler if the quantity of water is sufficient
and stops it if the quantity of water is insufficient.
postbulletsThe pressure switch starts the boiler by reaching the minimum pressure.
All safety devices mentioned before are connected in series.
That means if one of the elements has a malfunction the boiler does not start.
This guarantees the highest level of safety.

6. Pressure switch off
The machine is equipped with a pressure switch which stops the pump if the spray gun is closed. It starts again when it is opened.

Technical data TEHA 6000:

Operating pressure: Oil heated
Gas heated
Heating coil: 3/8"
Operating pressure: 30 - 200 bar
Operating temperature: 30 - 95°C
Water quantity: 900 ltr./h
Current consumption: 12A
Engine power: 5KW
High pressure pump: Speck NP16/15
Operating voltage: 380V 50Hz
Weight without bracket: 160kg 170kg
Power capacity: 80KW
70KW / 55KW
Consumption of oil/gas Oil 6,5 kg/h
Natural gas L: 7-10 m³7/h
Natural gas H: 5,9-7m³/h
Propan/Butan: 2-2,7 kg/g
Exhaust gas temperature: max. 180°C
Effeciency: >=91%
Exhaust gas losses: <=9%
Soot value: 0 - 1
Dimensions: 866x615x930 mm


The basic version is without paneling, without outside air prime, without flue gas collector and without mounting elements (stand or telescope bracket).

Description: Item-No.
Stand (pair) B10470008
Telescope bracket B10470005
Stainless steel paneling B10480001
Air intake B10480002
Addtionals on request
Power connection
Heavy current plug 380V
Speck pump
15 l/min Speck pump

*Notice when biodiesel is used: All fuel leading parts have to be exchanged for those that are tested and proved for biodiesel. The capacity improves by 3-4 % in comparison to normal oil. We could provide a conversion kit for delivered boilers.