Hose handling - Overview

Teha Schlauchaufroller Hose reels:
Automatic hose reels with spring return, manual hose reels with hand crank, ATEX hose reels, motor driven hose reels. All types can be supplied with or without hose. Up to the diamter of 1". ...more
Schlauchwagen Mobile hose reels:
Mobile hose reel suitable for the hose reel types STKi2 20 and STKi2 40. On demand an adapter plate could be provided for installing the types STKi2 50 and STKi2 60. ...more
Schlauchhalter Hose holder:
This hose holder is an econimic solution to tidy up tangled hoses. It is hose protecting, accident reducing and impresses with an attractive design. This solid, spacious and stainless steel type allows rewinding larger hoses. ...more
Universal Schlauchfuehrung Hose handling:
Reliable sheet steel version, protection the hose while leading out through walls and around corners against waste and damage. ...more
Wandschwenkarme Uebersicht Wall and ceiling booms:
Modular boom system fulfils all your requirements. Arm lengths from 2 up to 5m and rotatable by up to 360°. For the cleaning of trucks and construction machines, etc. Available in galvanised and stainless steel verisons. ...more
Reinigungspistole blau Accessories:
Mounting brackets for hose reels for walls, ceilings and floors, angled swivels, cleaning pistols and lances, hose stoppers and hoses for all applications. ...more