Stationary hot box type HBs

Stationary hot box HBs2 with two BR 1000 Description:
Our oil and gas heated stationary hot boxes offer a modular construction of the heating capacity to three boilers at maximum. These are compact aggregates with integrated vertical burners which heat up high pressure water immediatly to the adjusted temperature from the thermostat.

Plug and play:
Simply connect with water, electricity, fuel as well as the chimney and the required hot water is at your disposal.

Outstanding features:
postbullets Most of the supporting basic parts consist of solid stainless steel sheet profiles.
postbulletsThe mounting plate is made of stainless steel and has a high durability.
postbulletsAvailable in standard configuration or different variants.
postbulletsEasy maintainance by removeable stainless steel paneling
and good accessibility to all relevant parts.

postbulletsBoiler BR 1000 and BR 1000G are exclusively used in the hot boxes.
Application: In accordance to the required capacity 3 boilers can be operated parallely.
Each burner has got an independent safety and control system
which are installed all in one switch box.

postbulletsFast assembly time. The machines are wired and piped completely. In standard they are
made from galvanised steel Ermeto pipes (AISI 304 available upon request).
After the installation just connect the water inlet and outlet, electricity, fuel, chimney
and probably the air intake.

postbulletsFurthermore the characteristics correspond to our standard boilers.

Capacity of the different types:
Parallel connection of several independant boilers enables high heating capacity.

TEHA stationary hotbox HBs1 TEHA stationary hotbox HBs2 TEHA stationary hotbox HBs3
HBs1 HBs2 HBs3
80KW 160KW 240KW

Application areas:

postbulletsCleaning techniques: factories, petrol stations, car washs, airports.
postbulletsHygenic techniques: slaughterhouses, meat manufactories, dairies, breweries,
filling factories (e.g. water and juice), fast food industry

postbulletsCleaning buildings: facades, roofs and floors.
postbulletsRenovation: concrete, marines (shipbuilding industry), manufacturing, large scale plants,
tasks for environmental damages and sewer rehabilitation.

postbulletsSupply of process heat in factories, i.e. degreasing machines etc.

Mixer unit with flame monitoring
Flame monitoring
Safety system
Safety system

*Notice when biodiesel is used: All fuel leading parts have to be exchanged for those that are tested and proved for biodiesel. The capacity improves by 3-4 % in comparison to normal oil. We could provide a conversion kit for delivered boilers.