Pressure flow boilers oil and gas heated

Boilers BR 750  and BR 1000 are availble with saftey system

A compact unit with integrated vertical burner. Water under high pressure will be heated to the required temperature, adjusted by the thermostat.

Quality and efficiency made of experience!
Oil and gas heated boilers have been tested and proved in professional sectors.

Outstanding features:
postbulletsNo downtime losses because hot water is available in seconds.
postbulletsNo preheat time.
postbulletsThere is no need that hot water is transported through the pump:
The water is compressed before and will be heated then.
The durability of the pump can be extremely extended by that.

postbulletsReduce investment costs.
postbulletsReduce assembly costs.
postbulletsThe efficiency can be multiplied by parallel connection of several boilers.
postbulletsHigh efficiency and low consumption of fuel
(equal efficiency compared to modern reservoir systems).

postbulletsEC-Type examination manufatured boiler.
postbulletsEasy maintainance.
postbulletsBiodiesel proofed (requires modifications)*.

Capacity of the different types:
The fuel (oil or gas) pressure and the combustion air of the machines can be adjusted to the required capacity. The effeciency can be multiplied by parallel connection of several boilers.

BR 750 with safety system BR900 with safety system BR1000 with safety system BR1000 gas with safety system BR1000 ECO PLUS with safety system
BR750 BR900 BR1000 BR1000G BR ECO PLUS
50-62KW 62-73KW 65-80KW 45-70KW NEW 65-95KW

Application areas:

postbulletsCleaning techniques: factories, petrol stations, car washs, airports.
postbulletsHygenic techniques: slaughterhouses, meat manufactories, dairies, breweries,
filling factories (e.g. water and juice), fast food industry.

postbulletsCleaning buildings: facades, roofs and floors .
postbulletsRenovation: concrete, marine (shipbuilding industry), large scale plants,
tasks for environmental damages and sewer rehabilitation.

postbulletsSupply of process heat in manufacturing i.e. degreasing machines.

Mixer unit with flame monitoring
Flame monitoring
Safety system
Safety system

*Notice when biodiesel is used: All fuel leading parts have to be exchanged for those that are tested and proved for biodiesel. The capacity improves by 3-4 % in comparison to normal oil. We could provide a conversion kit for delivered boilers.