Boiler BR750

Teha BR750 with and without safety system Description:
The boiler BR 750 is a very compact aggregate with integrated vertical burner.

Application area:
Especially qualified for car and trailer construction or areas with restricted space.

Technical data BR750:

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar 700bar
Heating coil: 1/2"
3/8" 3/8" 3/8"
Water/Filling content: 6,17 Ltr.
2,92 Ltr. 2,56 Ltr. 1,14 Ltr.
Weight: 56,2kg 58kg 62,5kg 74,5kg
Operating voltage: 230V 50HZ / 110V 50Hz / 12V DC
Power capacity: 50 - 62 KW
Operating temperature: max. 95°C
Oil flow (nozzle 1.5): 5,10 - 6,24 kg/h
Exhaust gas temperature: max. 180°C
Efficiency: >=91%
Exhaust gas losses: <=9%
Soot value (Bacherach): 0 - 1
Dimensions: 570x405x625 mm

Without safety system:

Covers of galvanized sheet steel (AISI 304 available), outer cover is also powder coated (AISI 304 available), ignition transformer, fan motor and solenoid valve pump, without switchbox, without control and safety system.

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar 700bar
230V, heating coil steel V1040001101 V1040001102 V1040001117 V104...1117-1
230V, heating coil AISI 304
V1040001107 V1040000503 V10400006 X
12V, heating coil steel V11400016 V11400001 V11400002 V11400003
12V, heating coil AISI 304 V11400019 V11400010 V11400011 X
110V equipment M10430002

With safety system:

Qualified for immediate application: Just connect with electricity, water and fuel and the machine starts working. A switchbox according to our circuit diagram, adjustable thermostat, exhaust gas temperature limiter, flow switch, safety valve, flame monitoring and 3m connecting cable.

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar 700bar
230V, heating coil steel V1040001405 V10400005102 V1040001401 X
230V, heating coil AISI 304 V1040001410 V1040001112 V1040001118 X
12V, heating coil steel V11400016S V11400001S V11400002S X
12V, heating coil AISI 304 V11400019S V11400010S V11400011S X
110V equipment
Mixer unit with flame monitoring
Flame monitoring
Safety system
Safety system

*Notice when biodiesel is used: All fuel leading parts have to be exchanged for those that are tested and proved for biodiesel. The capacity improves by 3-4 % in comparison to normal oil. We could provide a conversion kit for delivered boilers.

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