Corrugated sheet, diagonally corrugated in different variants:

Corrugated sheet Description:
Corrugated sheets of steelsheet (uncoated or coated), stainless steel, aluminium, copper or zinc.

Possible width 30 to 1000mm with a length of 2000mm at maximum. After the processing it will be a length of 1600mm corrugated sheet.

The thickness of the sheet can vary from 0.6 to 0.8mm.

The corrugated sheets cannot be used for decoration purposes and have got visible marks of the manufacturing process. Light tensions might occur during the processing. We could provide you with a sample if required.

Application area:
For processing in "sandwich contructions" and integration into production processes i.e.ovens.

Shape of profile:
Corrugated sheet profile

Distance from depression
to depression 30mm
Depression depth 10mm
Radius 8mm

Further corrugated shapes on demand with additional tooling costs.

WMetal processing:
The corrugated sheets can be processed further, if required, with different perforations and notches.