Mobile Hotbox type HBm

TEHA Hotbox mobile HBm Description:
Mobile oil heated boiler, without pump. It is a very compact producer of hot water with attractive design and excellent mobility. Combined with a cold water high pressure cleaner you could benefit from supplementary possibilities.

Plug and play:
Simply fill in fuel and connect with water, electricity and a short chimney. Immediatly hot water is at your needs.

Application areas:
postbullets Cleaning of buildings
postbulletsConstructions sites (e.g. on scaffolds)
postbulletsDecontamination of human beings and machines in chemical accidents.
The hotbox will be installed in tents and containers and provide warm water for serval
mobile showers depending on the required temperature.
A mixer tap with thermostat allows constant water temperature.

postbulletsRemoval of graffities.
postbulletsSewer rehabilitation: Modern procedures facilitate a rational repair of old pipelines. Inliner
made from special plastic will hardened with the required hot water from our hot box.

This is just a small range of applications which could be continued still further. The machine offers multiple choice because of its mobility.

Hotbox Mobil HBm750

Hotbox Mobil HBm1000
HBm750 HBm1000
60KW 80KW

Outstanding transportation features:

Small dimension combined with low weight allows excellent mobility and transport in station wagons or similar vehicles. An easy handling is also possible on uneven ground, similar to a sack truck. The hotbox can be lifted by cranes with special equipment for crane gear.

Plastic cover
Plastic cover
Hotbox solid rubber wheels
Solid rubber wheels