Hot water production - Overview

Boilers Boilers BR:
Very compact boilers with integrated vertical burner. Water under high pressure will be heated up immediately to the temperature which is adjusted at the thermostate. Suitable for stationary use or vehicle constructions. Oil and gas heated boilers have been tested and proved in professional sectors. ...more
Double aggregate Double aggregate:
This is the right choice if the heating capacity of a single boiler is not enough and no paneling is necessary. Two boiler BR1000 or BR1000G build up on a galvanized mounting console. Each burner has got an independent safety and control system. The boilers are not piped hydraulically below the console. ...more
stationary hotbox HBs Stationary hotbox HBs:
Modular construction of the heating capacity up to three boilers at maximum. These are aggregates which heat up high pressure water immediatly to the adjusted temperature from the thermostat. Simply connect with water, electricity, fuel as well as the chimney and the required hot water is at your disposal. ...more
Mobile hotbox HBm Mobile hotbox HBm:
Mobile oil heated boiler, without pump. It is a very compact producer of hot water with attractive design and excellent mobility. Combined with a cold water high pressure cleaner you could benefit from supplementary possibilities. Simply fill in fuel and connect with water, electricity and a short chimney.  ...more
Hot water high-pressure cleaner TEHA 6000 Hot water high pressure cleaner TEHA6000:
Hochdruckreiniger mit integrierter Speck-Dreikolbenpumpe, die das Kalt-Wasser auf den gewünschten Druck bringt. Die Wassererwärmung erledigt die TEHA-Brennerkammer, die entweder mit Öl- oder Gas beheizt wird. Druck und Wassermenge werden über ein Unloaderventil reguliert. ...more