Hot water production accessories - Overview

Mounting console BR Mounting brackets:
The mounting brackets are suitable for floor and wall mounting. The easier mounting of the boiler is a pleasant side effect. ...more
Chimney joint element Chimney adapters:
We particularly recommend the use of our chimney adapters to reach a trouble free combustion and to avoid a back draught of the exhaust gases. ...more
Electrodes Ignition electrodes:
Single standardized electrodes are placed inside a solid ceramic corpus. Turning protection of the wire by mechanic and ceramic glue. Suitable for all TEHA boilers with oil. . ...more
Oil nozzles Oil nozzles:
Light oil nozzle by Danfoss support an optimal combustion in our oil boilers. You can choose the suitable sizes for our boilers. ...more
Water tank Water tank:
Compact water tank 8 liter type SH 12005 including float valve. Further tanks with different volumns are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. . ...more