Digital Control

BR1000 Eco Plus 230VDescription:
Our Company, Theodor Henrichs GmbH, is now able to offer to you the boiler with
digital thermostats. The PTC sensor reacts signifiaclly faster after switch-off in a one step (stage) system than the standard capillary tube sensor and activates the system again.

If high and constant temperatures are required the boiler BR 1000 ECO PLUS with a two-step (stage) system is exactly what you need.

Item numbers:

Item number
Surcharge for digital thermostate ST64 and PTC sensor
Surcharge for digital thermostate 2xST64 and 2xPTC sensor (circle)
Surcharge for digital thermostate ST64, PTC sensor and two stage pumpe MP10400972-4
Detail 1Stufig
One stage MP10400972-2
Detail 2 Stufenpumpe
Two stage pump
Detail 2Stufig
Two stage MP10400001-2