Metal processing

Laster cutting, laser

Laser cutting, laser:
Burr free exact cuts according to your drawing.
- Maximum material size is 1500 x 3000mm
- Maximum cutable thickness of steel 8mm
- Maximum cutable thickness of stainless steel 6mm

Punching machine Punching machine, nibbling:
With our punching machine we are able to do prefabrications like perforations and notches etc.. The maximum size is 1000 x 2000mm and the maximum plate thickness of steel is 4mm (stainless steel 3mm). We are able to produce some stampings in smaller volumes for you.
Angle bending machine Angle bending machine, bending:
We bend the material with our CNC controled angle bending machine. With a length of 2000mm the maximum material thickness is 3mm, respectively with 3000mm the max. thickness is 2mm.
Sheet shears Sheet shears, cutting:
We are able to cut small series up to a length of 3000mm with 3mm material thickness, respectively 2000mm length with 4mm thickness. Further metal processing is possible fo us.
Welding Welding:
We provide different welding procedures, i.e. MIG, TIG and spot welding.
Barel finish Barel finish, grinding:
We are able to remove the burrs and round up you components up to a size of 500 x 500mm by our barel finishing machine with special grinding stones.
Assembling Assembling:
To customer requirements we will be able to assemble the different components at fair prices. The mounting will be done by our qualified stuff with most possible care.
Surface treatment Surface treatment, finishing:
In cooperating with our effecient business partners we are able to effect nearly all kinds of surface treatments as painting, powder coating or sandblasting.