Mobile hotbox type HBm1000

Mobile HotBox HBm 1000 Description:
Mobile oil heated boiler without pump. It is a very compact producer of hot water with elegant design and excellent mobility. Combined with a cold water high pressure cleaner you could benefit from supplementary possibilities.

Application area:
Especially for constructions sites.

Technical data HBm1000:

Operating pressure: 300bar 200bar 500bar
Heating coil: 3/8"
1/2" 3/8"
Water/Filling content: 4,17 Ltr.
7,60 Ltr. 3,66 Ltr.
Weight: 110kg 110kg 110kg
Operating voltage: 230V 50HZ / 110V 50/60Hz
Power capacity: 80 KW
Operating temperature: max. 95°C
Consumption of oil: 5,8 l/h
Exhaust gas temperature: max. 180°C
Effeciency: >=91%
Exhaust gas losses: <=9%
Soot value (Bacherach): 0 - 1
Dimensions: 760x660x975 mm

Standard Version:

300 bar steel heating coil, electric equipment 230 V/50 Hz, temperature adjustable by thermostat, galvanized steel pipes, saftey equipment including flow switch, brass safety valve, galvanized steel screws and fittings.

Operating pressure: 300bar 200bar 500bar
230V, heating coil steel V10460005
230V, heating coil AISI 304 M10400021-5
110V equipment
Hotbox Plastic cover
Plastic cover
Hotbox solid rubber wheels
Solid rubber wheels