Boiler BR1000G gas heated

Teha BR1000G gas with safety system Description:
The BR 1000G is a gas heated boiler which enables you to heat up water under high pressure immediatly to the temperature which is adjusted on the thermostat.

Application area:
Qualified for aeras where no oil should be used i.e. food industry or where gas pipes exist.

Technical data BR1000G:

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar
Heating coil: 1/2"
3/8" 3/8"
Water/Filling content: 7,60 Ltr.
4,17 Ltr. 3,66 Ltr.
Weight: 71,9kg 77,0kg 83,0kg
Operating voltage: 230V 50HZ / 110V 50Hz
Power capacity: 45 - 70 KW
Operating temperature: max. 95°C
Consumption of
natural gas (low):
7,00 - 10,00 m³/h
Consumption of
natural gas (high):
5,39 - 7,00 m³/h
Consumption of
butane and propane:
2,00 - 2,70 kg/h
Exhaust gas temperature: max. 210°C
Efficiency: >=91%
Exhaust gas losses: <=9%
Soot value (Bacherach): 0 - 1
Dimensions: 320x550x850 mm

With safety system:

Qualified for immediate application: Just connect with electricity, water and gas and the machine starts working. A switch box according to our circuit diagram, adjustable thermostat, exhaust gas temperature limiter, flow swith, safety valve, flame monitoring (ionisation) and 3m connecting cable. The gas boilers are additionally equipped with gas specific safety devices.

Operating pressure: 200bar 300bar 500bar
230V, heating coil steel V10440010
230V, heating coil AISI 304 V10440011
110 equipment M10430002
Gas mixer unit
Gas mixer unit
Safety system
Safety system