Automatic hose reels - Overview

Hose reel ST Type ST:
Standard automatic hose reel type ST, suitable for water with and without cleaning supplies, air, oil and greases. For high and low pressure. Available materials are stainless steel and powder coated sheet steel. The maximum diameter is 3/4". ...more
Hose reel ST Ex Type ST EX:
Automatic Atex hose reel type ST Ex, suitable for applications in all potentially explosive areas above ground. Especially for breathing air. This type corresponds to the guideline 95/9/EG, also know under the terms "ATEX 95" or "ATEX 100". ...more
Hose reel PST Type PST:
Automatic hose reel type PST with closed housing, suitable for dust areas. Because of the round shape the hose reel without cover is especially suitable for kitchens. The quick fastener permits an easy opening and closing of the housing for cleaning the hose. The maximum diameter is 1/2". ...more
Hose reel STG Type STG:
Automatic hose reel type STG with 1" pipes, especially suitable for large flow rates. The base frame is made of warp resistant profiles. The drum consists of two highly moulded discs and a closed hub. The maximum hose length is 28m. ...more