Automatic Atex hose reel type ST Ex (with spring return)

Automatik Schlauchaufroller Type ST EX (ATEX) Description:
These highly robust and reliable Atex hose reels of the type ST EX are provided with an automatic spring rewind and can be used in every explosive area above ground, not applicable to underground mining.

The hose reels passed a conformity assessment procedure and will be supplied with an EU declaration of conformity. They correspond to the 94/9/EG guideline, known as „ATEX 95“ or „ATEX 100“.

Application areas:
Above ground but not in underground mining
postbullets Zone 1 + 2 (gas, mists, vapors),
postbulletsZone 21 + 22 (dusts)

postbulletsChemical industries, dump areas, civil engineering, energy producer, waste management companies, gas suppliers, wood-processing industries, paint shops, agriculture, metal-working companies, forage producer, pharmaceutical industry, refineries and oil rigs.

The hose reels correspond to the device group II, category 2 + 3, G + D, temperature class:
postbulletsT6 for environmental and medium temperatures up to 85°C
postbulletsT5 for environmental and medium temperatures up to 100°C

Technical data:
The technical data and dimensions correspond to type ST except a few details.

Assistance for machine selection:
The “assistance for machine selection” will guide the operator of a potentially explosive section through the procedure to select the most suitable device.

Angled swivel WDTH10/304
Swivel WDTH10/304
Locking screw for clamping of the hose drum
Locking srew
Inflow window to mount in three positions
Hose guide window