Automatic hose reel type ST (spring driven)

TEHA Schlauchaufroller - Automatisch ST

The hose reel type ST is a robust and reliable range of hose reels with automatic spring return with the following details.

postbulletsSteel, powder-coated, RAL7032 & RAL3000
(application in dry areas)

postbulletsStainless steel
(application in wet areas)

postbulletsElectro-polished stainless steel
(application in hygienic areas)

Reel bearing:
Maintenance free, chemical resistant plastic slide bearings, resistant to wet conditions and dirt.

Main spring:
High quality texture and spring band steel with high durability.

Tension release:
The hose can be stopped at max. 8 positions per each rotation. Shortly pulling the hose releases the locking device.

Angled swivel:
The standard angled swivels are provided with stainless steel axles. Depending on the nominal width, the housing consists of ebonite hard anodized aluminium die casting alloys or chemical nickel plated brass. All types can be supplied in stainless steel AISI 304 and 316 upon request.

Hose guide window:
According to the pulling direction of the hose, the hose guide window can be mounted in different positions. Delivery standard is position I.

Mounting possibilities:
The page "mounting possibilities" illustrates varieties with and without bracket.

Application areas:
Water, water with chemical cleaning supplies, air, oil and grease. The maximum permitted operating temperature is regularly 100°C. If required, the hose reels can be modified to a temperature of 180°C for an extra charge.

Angled swivel WDTH10/Al
Swivel WDTH10/Al
Locking screw for clamping of the hose drum
Locking screw
The inflow window can be mounted in three different positions.
Hose guide window