Manual hose reels - Overview

Hose reel STK Type STK:
Small manual hose reel type STK, suitable for water with and without cleaning supplies, air, oil and greases. The powder coated drum is moved through a rotary foldaway polyamide crank handle. A steel bow prevents a hose rollover and enables the user to carry the reel. ...more
Hose reel STKi2 Type STKi2:
Standard manual hose reel type STKi2 with closed hub is suitable for all industrial and vehicle applications. A removeable manual crank handle with a rotary polyamide roll is used to rewind the hose. Available in different stainless steels with maximum diameter is 1". ...more
Hose reel STKi2 Ex Type STKi2 EX:
The manual Atex hose reel type STKi2 EX is suitable for the application in all explosive areas above ground. Especially for breathing air. They correspond to the guideline 94/9/EG also known under the terms "ATEX 95" or "ATEX 100". ...more
Hose reel STKi2W Type STKi2W:
Manual hose reel type STKi2W with angled gear, suitable for mounting in tight spaces. Its construction and technology corresponds to tested type STKi2. With removeable manual crank handle which is front operated. The transmission ratio 2:1 faciliates rewinding heavy hoses. ...more