Manual hose reel type STK (with crank handle)

Manual hose reel type STK (with crank handle) - Picture STK20/10 Description:
The type STK represents our manual hose reels made from deep-drawn sheet steel of highest quality, powder coated.

The drum is moved through a rotary foldaway polyamide crank handle.

A steel bow prevents a hose rollover and enables the user to carry the reel.

postbulletsSteel, powder coated, RAL7032 & RAL3000 (application in dry areas)

Reel bearing and brake:
Maintenance free, chemical resistant plastic slide bearings, resistant to wet conditions and dirt. A mechanical brake integrated in the bearing permits a variable drum braking.

Angled swivel:
The standard angled swivels are provided with stainless steel axles. The housing consists of hard anodized aluminium die casting alloys.

Mounting possibilities:
The base can be mounted in two positions without brackets. We do not recommend wall swivel brackets because the reel could deflect while rewinding the hose.

Application areas:
Water, water with chemical cleaning supplies, air, oil and grease. The maximum permitted operating temperature is regularly 100°C. If required, the hose reels can be modified to a temperature of 180°C for an extra charge.

Angled swivel WDTH10/Al
Swivel WDTH10/Al
Brake with handle
Brake with handle
Hinged handle with hand grip
Foldaway crank handle