Manual hose reel type STK14/12

Manual hose reel type STK (with crank handle) - Picture STK20/10 Description:
The type STK represents our manual hose reels made from deep-drawn sheet steel of highest quality, powder coated.

The drum is moved through a rotary foldaway polyamide crank handle.

A steel bow prevents a hose rollover and enables the user to carry the reel.

Technical data:

Type STK14/12
powder coated
Item number: V107200021
Hose length (max): max. 12m (od 21mm)
Hose: not included but available on request
Nominal width: 12mm (1/2")
Inlet (swivel): 1/2" outer thread
Outlet (pipe bend): 1/2" inner thread
Operating pressure: max. 200bar (at extra charge up to 300bar)*
Temperature: 1-100°C (at extra charge up to 180°C)**
Weight: 6,2kg (unpacked)
Dimensions: see downloads on the left
Suitable substances: water / cleaning supplies / air / oil / grease / etc.**
Angled swivel: WDTH12/Aluminium (B1070003504)
Angled swivel WDTH10/Al
Swivel WDTH10/Al
Brake with handle
Brake with handle
Hinged handle with hand grip
Foldaway crank handle

* A stainless steel angled swivel with a nominal width of 3/8" (10 mm) can be used for the application of hose reels up to 300bar. Further more a stainless steel elbow pipe must be installed than. Only available for 3/8" hose reels for additional costs with item number MP1070003508.

** When using chemicals or high temperatures are needed, sealings of Viton must be installed. The item number for additional costs of 3/8" and 1/2" hose reels is M1071001201. For EPDM you have to order the following item number M1071001202.