Manual ATEX hose reel type STKi2 EX (with crank handle)

Manual hose reel type STKi2 EX (with crank handle) - picture STKi2 20/12 Ex Description:
The manual hose reel STKi2 Ex can be used in every explosive area above ground, not applicable to underground mining.

The hose reels passed a conformity assessment procedure and will be supplied with an EU declaration of conformity. They correspond to the 94/9/EG guideline, known as „ATEX 95“ or „ATEX 100“.

Application areas:
Above ground but not in underground mining
postbullets Zone 1 + 2 (gas, mists, vapors),
postbulletsZone 21 + 22 (dusts)

postbulletsChemical industries, dump areas, civil engineering, energy producer, waste management companies, gas suppliers, wood-processing industries, paint shops, agriculture, metal-working companies, forage producer, pharmaceutical industry, refineries and oil rigs.

The hose reels correspond to the device group II, category 2 + 3, G + D, temperature class:
postbulletsT6 for environmental and medium temperatures up to 85°C
postbulletsT5 for environmental and medium temperatures up to 100°C

Technical data:
The technical data and dimensions correspond to type STKi2 except a few details.

Assistance for machine selection:
The "assistance for machine selection" will guide the operator of a potentially explosive section through the procedure to select the most suitable device.

Angled swivel WDTH12/Va
Swivel WDTH12/304
Crank handle with free turning polyamide grip
Crank handle
Brake block to stop the hose reel
Brake handle