Angled swivel WDTH24 - 1 Inch

Swivel WDTH19Ms and WDTH19V2A Description:
Angled swivel for high flow rates and for pressures up to 200bar.

Suitable for the hose reels with a "24" in the type description (i.e. STKi2 40/24).

Technical data:

Type WDTH24/Br
WDTH24/304 WDTH24/316
Item number: B1070003602 B1070003603 B1070003606
Nominal width: 24mm (1")
Inlet (housing): 1" inner thread
Outlet (axle): 1" outer thread
Operating pressure: max. 200bar
Temperature: 1-100°C (at extra charge up to 180°C)
Suitable substances: water / cleaning substances / air /oil / greases / etc.
Material axle: stainless steel 304
stainless steel 304 stainless steel 316
Material housing: nickelplated brass stainless steel 304 stainless steel 316
Material sealing: PTFE/EPDM*
Weight: 1,3kg 1,3kg

*For the use of chemicals the sealing materials Viton or higher quality EPDM are available at extra charge.