Mounting brackets for hose reels ST, PST and STG

Wall swivel console SKW Type SKW:
The wall swivel bracket type SKW enables the operator to rotate the hose reel by 180°. Hose protection and ideal cleaned areas are guaranteed. ...more
Angled console KHD Type KHD:
The angle bracket KHD permits the mounting right angled (KHDr) or parallel (KHDp) to the wall. In connection with a wall hose guide the hose can be channelled to the outside. ...more
Wall console KWH Type KWH:
The wall and ceiling bracket type KWH stabilises the hose reel and permits an easy mounting. A counter plate fixes the installation on lightweight walls. ...more
STG couner plate Type STG:
The counter plate type STG is required for the mounting of the hose reel ST onto lightweight walls....more