High pressure pistol 310bars, 45l/min

High pressure gun Description:
The remarkable features of this professional high pressure pistol with lance is the ergometric design and the easy handling. The application area is the classical high pressure cleaning.

Technical data:

Type E10700116
Material: brass
Temperature: 1-150°C
Suitable substances: water
Operating pressure: max. 310bar
Flow quantity: max. 45 l/min
Inlet: 3/8" inner thread
Outlet: 1/4" outer thread
Weight: 0,9 kg
Insulated lance 1000mm, 250bar, steel:
Insulated lance 1000mm, 250bar, ss: E10400698
Insulated lance 342mm, 250bar, steel: E10700181
Nozzle protection: E10700118-1
Nozzle MEG, 25°, Drm 0,5mm