Water gun for low pressure 24 bar, 75 L/min.

Spray pistol blue Description:
The remarkable features of this spray pistols are their ergometric design, their easy handling and their absolute water-efficiency. The solid rubber housing prevents damages. The metering lever allows the progressive adjustment from fine drizzle up to a sharp focussed jet.

Application area:
Process-, meat-, food-, beverage- and pharmaceutical industry, breweries and agriculture.

Technical data:

Type E10700114
Material: brass stainless steel
Temperature: 1-95°C 1-95°C
Suitable substances: water with or without cleaning chemicals
Operating pressure: max. 24bar
max. 24bar
Flow quantity:
max. 75 l/min*
max. 75 l/min*
Inlet: 1/2" inner thread 1/2" inner thread
Outlet (no thread): X
Weight: 0,9 kg
0,9 kg
Re-inforced hand lever
Re-inforced hand lever
Metering screw for beam
Beam metering screw
Arrow shows the spray direction
Arrow spray direction

* at 5bar operating pressure a flow quantity of 30 L/min can be achieved