Water gun for low pressure 24bars, 120l/min

Black water gun Description:
The remarkable features of this spray pistols are their ergometric design, their easy handling and their hig water flow. The metering lever allows the progressive adjustment from fine drizzle up to a sharp focussed jet. The robust rubber shell softens the impact, if it is dropped.

Areas of application:
Process-, meat-, food-, beverage- and pharmaceutical industry, breweries and agriculture.

Technical data:

Type E10700114-3
Material: brass
Temperature: 1-95°C
Suitable substances: water with or without cleaning chemicals
Operating pressure: max. 24bar
Flow quantity:
max. 120 l/min*
Inlet: 1/2" inner thread
Outlet (no thread): X
Weight: 0,9 kg

*at 5bar operating pressure a flow quantity of 50 L/min can be achieved