Wall boom with gyro type SAKR

Wall boom SAKR

The modular system fulfils all your requirements. Arm lengths from 2m to 5m. TEHA wall swinging arms are made from reliable sheet steel profiles, which are galvanized. Therefore, they are extremely corrosion resistant and a high durabilty is guaranteed especially in wet areas. The basic swivel part rotates up to 180° and the gyroscope up to 360°.

Application area:
postbulletsIn narrow space car wash the square pipe length of the boom is limited by the width of the hall. The stainless steel gyroscope allows an additional extension of the total boom by approx. 1.5 m.

Scope of delivery:
The gyropscope is entirely pre-assembled: The equipment contains a connecting hose between the angled swivel and the outlet. A set of screws and dowels for the mounting onto the wall are included in the delivery. The working hose (outlet to pistol) and feeding hose (water connection to gyroscope) is not included but available on request.

Technical data:

Type SAKR/2
Item number: V1073000301
V1073000302 V1073000303
Basic length: 1925mm
1925mm 1925mm
Extension 1m:
Extension 2m: 2000mm
Gyroscope length:
1695mm 1695mm
Total length: 3620mm
4620mm 5620mm
Working hose (not included): mounting height
Feeding hose (not included):
3400mm 4400mm
Weight: 36kg 41kg
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Nominal width:
10mm (3/8")
Inlet (gyro support):
3/8" outer thread
Outlet (gyro hose fitting):
3/8" outer thread
1-100°C (at extra charge up to 180°C)
Operating pressure:
max. 300bar (at extra charge up to 400bar)
Tensile load:
200N / 20kg
Suitable substances:
water /cleaning substances /air /oil /grease / etc.
Angled swivel:
WDTH10/Aluminium (B10700035)
Hose holder KR
Hose outlet
Threaded rod
Stabilisation by rod
Swivel SAKR
360° gyroscope support