Ceiling boom type KRRoU tandem

Ceiling gyro KRRoU tandem

This very reliable maintenance-free stainless steel construction designed for high durability. Suitable for solo- and tandem use. This type allows single as well as the mounting of two ceiling gyroscopes parallel. The gyroscope rotates up to 360°.

Torsion resistant and reliable pipe made from stainless steel. The high pressure hose inside the pipe is well protected. The bend protection at the pipe outlet prevents hose damages. The elasticity of the resistant hose avoids frost damages. The boom can be tilted up to 10° and allows the tandem use. The minimum distance between two ceiling booms must be 850mm.

Ceiling gyroscope tandem use

Reliable plain bearing, greased and encapsulated for high durability will guarantee a smooth gliding.

Angled Swivel:
The standard angled swivel WDTH10/Al is provided with stainless steel axles. The housing consists of ebonite hard anodized aluminium die casting alloys.

Application areas:
postbulletsCar wash, service stations, garages and factories.

Scope of delivery:
The gyropscope is entirely pre-assembled: The equipment contains a connecting hose between the angled swivel and the outlet. A set of screws and dowels for the mounting onto the wall are included in the delivery. The working hose (outlet to pistol) and feeding hose (water connection to console) is not included but available on request.


Type KRRoU/145
KRRoU/150 KRRoU/155 KRRoU/165
Item number: V10730013
V10730013-1 V10730013-2 V10730013-3
Boom length: 1450mm
1500mm 1550mm 1650mm
Weight: 9,8kg 10,0kg
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Additional variations:

Type KRRoU/175
KRRoU/200 KRRoU/250 KRRoU/300
Item number: V10730013-4
V10730013-5 V10730013-6 V10730013-7
Boom length: 1750mm
2000mm 2500mm 3000mm
Weight: 10,8kg 11,4kg
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Technical data:

All types
Working hose: mounting height
Feeding hose:
distance to wall
Nominal width:
10mm (3/8")
Inlet (console):
3/8" outer thread
Outlet (hose fitting):
3/8" outer thread
1-100°C (at extra charge up to 180°C)
Operating pressure:
max. 300bar (at extra charge up to 400bar)
Tensile load:
150N / 15kg
Suitable substances:
water /cleaning substances / air / oil / greases / etc.
Angled swivel: WDTH10/Aluminium (B10700035)
KRRoU 10° inclination possible
10° tilt possible
Swivel WDTH10/AL KRRoU
Swivel WDTH10/AL
Tube outlet KRRo
Bend protection